The Sweet Treats Trilogy is Complete

Wow, I know it’s been forever since I’ve done a blog post. I am just learning to balance everything and it has been a bit of a struggle trying to do everything. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving every minute of it, but I also get very overwhelmed. There is so much more to trying to make a career out of writing then just writing great books. I have learned so much and I know I have barely scratched the surface. Since my last post, I have published the last two books in the Sweet Treats Trilogy is now complete!


The Books:

Book 1: Candy Coated Chaos

*Available in KU until July 2018

CharityB_Teasers4 - live inside the moments


Being with Tavin is like eating those candies that start out sweet and then turn so sour, your eyes water. When she’s happy, her radiance is stunning, but her glow is dimmed by her dark secrets. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, sucking on that lollipop, that there was something unique about her. I was right in more ways than one, and while I don’t know the extent of suffering that her life entails, I’ll do whatever I need to, to convince her she can trust me. I just need to hang on to her long enough to do that.


When he wraps his arms around me, and his warmth makes me feel safe, it’s easy to pretend that this is real. I knew going out with him was a bad idea, I just never imagined it would go this far. It was only supposed to be one night. One night to feel like a normal girl. I didn’t plan for this and now, every day that passes puts us deeper in danger. All I can do is make the most of every  moment with him, so when the time comes for this to end, then at least we’ll be left with beautiful memories.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, and sensitive subject matter which may be triggering for some readers. 

CharityB_Teasers1 - One side of the coin

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Book 2: Sweetened Suffering



The problem with getting what you’ve always wanted, is the chance of losing it. Before I met Alexander, I was blissfully blind, unaware of what was possible. Now that I’ve seen the colors of his world, I don’t know how to go back to the dreariness of mine. As much as I want to allow myself to dream of a life that I never knew was possible, the doubts still dig their claws into my mind and I fear the darkness of my past will destroy it all.


Not my wildest dreams or darkest nightmares could have prepared me for the intricacy that is Tavin Winters. As sweet and gentle as she is, the violence and torment  that has been woven into every day of her past remains evident. He will pay for what he’s done to her, and I will do my best to give her the serenity she deserves. However this plays out, I will always love her and I will always protect her…even if it’s from herself.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, child abuse, and sensitive subject matter that may be triggering for some readers.


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Book 3: Cupcakes and Crooked Spoons



Ever since Toben told me to make my first birthday wish, I always wish for the same thing: for us to run away to a beautiful place where they won’t ever find us or hurt us again. He’s the only person in the world who loves me. I love him too. He’s says we’re the same, that we’re halfpeople. He tries to protect me from the monster. The monster does’t love us, but Toben says we don’t need him to. Toben is all I need. He’s the reason I keep waking up every morning, in this scary life, praying for the day my eyes stay closed.


Tavin is the most precious thing in my life. She gives me a purpose. I love her more than the air in my lungs, and it’s because of her that I’m able to hang on to some semblance of who I once was. His sinister cruelty has taken its toll, causing something to change inside of me. She can’t ever know the things I’ve done. The things he’s made me do, and the things I’ve done because of my own darkening heart. She wouldn’t understand that I did those things for her. Everything breath I take, every soul I crush is for her. It’s all for her.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, extreme child abuse, and sensitive subject matter which may be triggering to some readers.


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“The Day She Cried” By: K. Webster – Book Review

This was such a beautiful book. I loved this story and really appreciate the message it sent. I also was so in love with the cover from the moment I saw it, and it’s now a top favorite cover designs. I felt this was a pretty unique concept and I really enjoyed the characters even as both the heroine and hero tested my patience a couple of times. I love when books make me feel that way.

TDSC cover

In a way there are three main characters in this story and we first meet Raven, who isn’t the heroine. In some ways she’s not in the book as much as the other two, and in other ways, she’s in it more than both of them. She was such a beautiful and unique character and hands down my favorite.I just could personally connect and relate to her. I also really liked how the model on the cover fit her perfectly.

They don’t know me.

Not really.

Nobody knows me. Including me. 

Even I’m still trying to figure it out.

And one day I will. 

Then there’s Courtney. I won’t lie, wasn’t a fan of her at first. I could tell that she was a good person deep down , but her actions didn’t attest to that. She ended up redeeming herself and I found myself “forgiving” her. I could feel for her too, She paid for her mistakes and I felt she really learned lesson from it so I also gained a respect from her.

At seeing my fear, Rome does something that shocks me.

He smiles.

It’s beautiful and terrifying all at once. 

And then he laughs. Cold. Hard. Hateful. Cruel. 

I deserve this. I deserve it all. 

And of course Rome. He was a great character as well and I was swooning over him this whole book. There was so many sad and heartbreaking things that happened in this novel I ended up feeling so bad for all three of these characters. I understood his pain, and even when he was harsh, I got it. He was intense at times and sweet at others and I really enjoyed reading from his perspective.

I lean forward and rest my forehead to hers. My hips slightly buck against my will. Her soft body feels too perfect pressed against my hard one. 

“I hate you,” I mutter even as my lips seek hers. 

I know this review doesn’t give much toward a plot, but this is another one that I feel going in blind gives you the best experience. This book does cover some sensitive issues and I think it was done so wonderfully. This was such a lovely book. Definitely a new favorite and easily a five star read.

The giant and the raven,

In slumber side by side. 

Her other half loathes him. 

But she soothes the giant to protect the part of her heart that lives.



The raven has the answers, but you have to dig. 

Her other half will save the princess. 

TDSC teaser

Genre: Dark Romance

Stars: 5

Sexual Content: 3- Explicit

Book Link: “The Day She Cried” on Amazon

“Imperfect Monster” By: Jennifer Bene – Release Blitz

Imperfect Monster is LIVE!!!


Title: Imperfect Monster

Author: Jennifer Bene

Amazon → (Goes live on 1/20. Available for pre-order, and will be available in Kindle Unlimited)

Goodreads →



Cold, ruthless, vicious.

I’m Paulo García’s monster, and I’d swallowed that bitter pill whole, learned to deal with it… until she stormed into the house like some avenging Valkyrie.

Brave, stupid, beautiful.

Nicky just wants to save her brother. She showed up with an envelope full of cash and a smart mouth and found herself in a den of monsters. I wish I could say I was the best of them, I wish I could say I wanted to protect her — but I’m far from perfect and she’s so damn sweet.

And all I want is a taste before this world destroys her.


Short Excerpt – Rated R

Switching my hands to her hips I yanked her down the table, splitting her thighs around me, exposing her pink folds. Not wet. Yet. I could get her there. Nicky panicked when I ripped open the button to my pants, crying harder and trying to turn away. I almost flipped her onto her belly, but I wanted to see her face. Needed to.

I wrapped my arm around her thigh to hold her where I wanted her as I shoved everything out of the way, groaning in my chest as I wrapped a fist around the base of my cock. So tantalizingly close to her pussy. It would take so little effort to shove in, to hold her down… condom. After digging in my pocket I tore the foil between my teeth and rolled it on.

“No, no, no…” Nicky was pulling back, withdrawing, her eyes clenched tight as she shook her head back and forth on the table. “Why? I didn’t do anything—” She was crying again, her voice tinted with the pathetic sound of it. “I didn’t do anything to you!”

There was a twinge in my chest, somewhere inside the inky blackness eating away at everything except the urge to own her, to take her while she was still her. Before Diego could have her, before Paulo ruined her. Her next sob was like a ripple in the black, and I ripped her up from the table, fist buried in her hair. Eyes open, wide and afraid on mine.

“Please,” she whispered, close enough to my face that I felt her exhale. Another shudder in the black, a flicker of something almost human.

I crushed her to my chest, my other arm moving around her waist to hold her in place so I could roll my hips against her, rubbing my latex-clad cock against her soft flesh. Her hair smelled like sunlight, warm and summery, and I clenched my jaw as I brushed my stubble against her neck. Women were always nervous in my bed, a hint of fear as they wondered what I’d do to them, and more often than not there was pain along with the pleasure. I didn’t do gentle, I couldn’t, but they always signed up for it. They wanted to taste the darkness. Nicky had just wanted to save her brother. Feeling the shiver rush through her muscles, the grip of her thighs around my hips, the hitched expansion of her ribs — it was perfect. She was perfect, and I didn’t want to ruin it… did I?

More importantly, could I stop myself?


Medium Excerpt: Rated PG-13

“I don’t know what to do with you, belleza.” His lips tilted up in a wry smile, and then he stared up at the ceiling before he cursed under his breath and walked away, swallowing another mouthful of rum.

I took the hint and drank as well, shrugging as I offered a suggestion. “Let me go?”

Another huffed laugh, Andre shook his head as his eyes moved around the room, landing on everything but me. “You still don’t get it, do you? Paulo isn’t going to let you go, Nicky. I couldn’t let you go even if I tried.”

The words caught me by surprise, and I felt darkness creeping in, but I fought it. “That’s… that’s bullshit. You could at least try! Honestly, you could walk me out of here right-”

“Do you honestly think Paulo doesn’t know where you live? Know the hospital room your brother is in?” Andre wiped a hand over his face, pacing the bit of floor between his closet and desk. “Fuck, Nicky, he probably knows your entire life by now. There isn’t anywhere you could go where he wouldn’t find you and fucking kill you.”

Panic exploded inside me, spreading fast through my veins as I shook my head. “No, no, you bought me. You own me, right? Isn’t that the deal? That means YOU can let me go! You can-”

“Paulo owns you, Nicky. I told you that last night. He owns me, he owns you, he owns this house and every man in it.” Another harsh laugh that held no humor. “And if you think he doesn’t pretty much own this fucking city, you’re delusional.”

I was spiraling, breaths coming shorter as I tried to wrap my mind around what he was saying. It wasn’t real, didn’t feel real, but I had to say the words aloud, to make him confirm them. “He… he’s never letting me go. Ever.”

Andre’s jaw was clenched as I looked up at him. Rough, terrifying, and for a fraction of a second he almost looked sorry. But then it was gone, and he jerked his chin toward me. “Drink the rum, Nicky.”

It was like he’d let the air out of the room, and I followed the direction gladly. Not even tensing when he moved close again to refill my glass, carrying his own.

Nudging the tray out of his way, he took a seat on the edge of the bed, both of us drinking in silence for a while as I let the impossible settle inside me. Never. I’m never getting out of here. And as much as my mind tried to fight it, I couldn’t deny the logic of it all, because there was no way that I’d grow old in this house. I wouldn’t be like that woman making breakfast this morning, becoming some odd fixture of this place.

I was a toy, a plaything, and for right now I was Andre’s toy, but Paulo could come by at any time and take me. And I had a very strong feeling that Paulo didn’t take good care of his toys.

“I’m going to die here, aren’t I?” It was barely a whisper, but I knew Andre had heard me because he took another long drink from his glass. When I looked up at him, his eyes were glued to the rumpled sheets. “Tell me the truth.”

“No one knows the future, Nicky.”

“Then tell me your fucking prediction,” I snapped. “I’m not talking about whether or not I’ll get married someday, or have kids, I’m asking about your fucking boss. Will he let me live or not?”

“It’s…” He stopped, stealing another drink as he avoided my gaze. “The safest place for you is here.” Andre spoke to the bed, not lifting his eyes at all, and my rage burned through all of the nihilism to find its way back to the surface.

“Why can’t you just give me a straight fucking answer?” I shouted.

That brought his eyes up, but he seemed to be without any more bullshit answers. Everything about him closed off, shut down, until he was that empty, terrifying robot I’d seen the day before. Hot, cold. Violent, tender. On, off. Andre was made up of extremes, and I was lost in the middle somewhere.

Fucking drowning in the void.


Long Excerpt: Rated R

“Nicky, open the door.” It was Andre’s voice, and I shoved a scrap of paper I’d snagged into the book to mark my place and left it on the bedside table before moving to the door. I fumbled with shaking hands through the locks, but finally opened it and he pushed both me and the door aside as he walked in. I caught the masculine scent of sweat and the outside as he brushed past, but managed to shut the door tight as soon as he was inside. Redoing all of the locks.

“What happened?” I asked, but Andre was silent. Removing his guns to set them on the top of the dresser beside his closet. Then the jacket came off, and then the holster thing that wrapped across his back and chest to keep the guns against his ribs. “Andre?”

When he turned around, I stumbled backward until my legs hit the bed behind me. He looked like he had the night before, when I was caught in that fucking chair, waiting for Paulo to decide my fate. Empty, dark brown eyes, a frightening expression on his face that sent fear thrumming through me before I could fight it.

He didn’t look human.

“Andre?” I repeated, voice wavering, and he stalked forward. So tall, so broad, and when he grabbed onto my waist I flinched. He squeezed hard, pinching my skin before he ripped my shirt over my head, forcing me to duck my head through the hole before he tossed it aside. Before I could even react, his hands were already at my shorts, the button popped free and the zipper down. I regretted taking my shoes off as he grabbed me under the arms and tossed me onto the bed so he could yank the shorts free.

Fuck. What was wrong with him?

I was afraid. No other reaction was really appropriate as he planted one knee on the end of the bed, and I scrambled backward but he caught my ankle and yanked me flat. He was still clothed, sweaty and silent. “Don’t hurt me,” I whispered.

Something in his expression faltered, but then his eyes dropped to my chest and he grabbed my shoulder to turn me onto my side so he could undo the clasp of my bra. He tossed it aside, immediately palming my breasts as he straddled one of my thighs. Thumbs rolling over my nipples, I could barely process that they were already hard and peaked until I felt him tighten his grip and pinch them both.

“FUCK!” I screamed, whimpering as the pain shot like bolts of lightning through my breasts, forcing my back to arch in an effort to ease the strain. But Andre didn’t back off, he twisted them further and I felt tears in my eyes, grabbing onto his shoulders and digging my nails in as if it would make him stop.

Leaning over me, he bit down on my shoulder and I screamed again, pushing at his ribs as he released my tender nipples, and then he had both his legs inside of mine. Spreading me, digging his knees into my thighs so I had no way to stop him, but I could barely focus as his teeth pressed in harder.

“Please, please, please!” I begged, whining when he finally took a breath and released me, his dark eyes staring at the place his mouth had just been. Then he looked between us, and he grabbed my panties, tearing the pale blue fabric as his biceps bulged. The fabric burned against my hips as he ripped it, yanking the remnants out from under me so he could throw it aside. “Andre?”

His name didn’t seem to affect him at all as he slid his fingers between my legs, forcing two of them into me where I wasn’t wet in the least. I whimpered and lifted my hips off the bed, but he ran his thumb over my clit as his mouth moved to my breast, sucking on the tender bud as he stroked me below. For a minute or two, every shift of his fingers seemed to burn and ache, and then my body caught up and started to lubricate around his harsh touch. There was pleasure, and pain, as he opened me up, warming my body for what I knew would come next. It was almost cruel how deft his touch was, the way his thumb swirled over my clit, his mouth sucking and nipping at my breast, sending zings of sensation through my body.

I wanted to fight, and I didn’t. I wanted to give in, and I wanted him to take me by force.

Thought was something I couldn’t effectively manage as he stroked his fingers in and out, wetting them as I grew slick, as my whimpers turned to moans. Then he grabbed my thighs and bent them towards my chest, staring down at my open pussy with the look of a desperate, dangerous man.

I was afraid to speak, afraid to struggle against his strength as he tucked my heels over his shoulders and opened his jeans to shove the fabric out of the way and free his cock. I had stared the night before, but in this position he somehow seemed larger, especially as he moved closer to my entrance, erection bobbing at his hips. One fist around it, I opened my mouth to argue, but he lined up and drove home hard, stealing the words away as I cried out.

It was almost painful, the sudden, brutal stretch as he bottomed out in one thrust. With my body bent as it was, he slammed deep on his second drive, and I felt the sharp achas he hit my cervix, tears burning my eyes. “Please,” I whimpered, reaching past my legs to dig my nails into his arms, but there was no response.

Andre braced his hands on either side of my ribs, folding me as he used every inch of power in his body to fuck me. It hurt, it felt good, and I couldn’t think straight as he continued to move. My breaths were short, a consequence of my ribs being compressed, and that wasn’t helping the dizzying effects of his thrusts. Pleasure blurred the aches and pains, made me forget the threat of the man above me as I sank into it.


Author Links

Jennifer Bene is a USA Today bestselling author of dark romance. She’s been in the Amazon Top 50, and had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, Suspense, Thrillers, Horror, and more. While she’s been writing for years, it’s always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological story lines. Don’t worry though, she always insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after, because without the dark we’d never appreciate the light.

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“Tragic Beauty” By: Iris Ann Hunter – Book Review

Wowza! This was an intense and amazing read for sure. I’ve been reading darker books for a few years now, so there aren’t a ton of books that succeed in shocking me like this one did. The way this book made me feel is why I love dark romance so much. The cover was beautiful and was wonderfully written.

TB Cover

Ava was a heroin I really liked, which is fairly rare for me. She was raised  into a difficult situation and was forced to grow up quickly. When she is forced to make an impossible choice, she decides to keep one thing for herself before the time comes to pay for her decision.

One night.

One night for myself is all I wanted.

One night with someone who isn’t determined to completely destroy me. 

Things don’t go as planned, and she meets Gavin. Oh Gavin… he was such a swoony character and I loved him from the very first moment. Their meeting was one of my favorites I’ve read. He was her black knight in shining armor so to speak, and while he was really sweet he was definitely an ‘Alpha’ character.

The anger in his eyes is still there, but now there’s regret, and sadness too. “You put on a good show, Ava, but you’re more delicate than you let on.”

I swallow, still not understanding. “And that’s…bad?”

His lips tighten and his hand falls away. “I’m not a gentle man.”

When everything comes to a head, we get to really meet Shayne… My word, Shayne was quite the villain. Believe me when I say that he’s one of the worse ones. I hate him so much, yet I found myself kinda feeling for the guy. He was such an interesting character and I really loved reading him.

 “Anything you can play at, I can play harder,” he says, clamping my mouth shut and waiting until I have no choice but to swallow. 

 This was such an incredible debut. This is the first in a series and I cannot wait for the next book! If you enjoy your romance dark, sexy,  and twisted you will love this.

 “You know why I have all these roses around, right? Not just because your middle name is Rose, but for all those little red roses you had on that dress, the day we made our deal. Figured you must’ve liked them, if you were wearing them too.”

TB teaser

Genre: Dark Romance

Stars: 5

Sexual Content: 3-Explicit

***** AVAILABLE JANUARY  23RD 2018*****

Pre-order link: Pre-order Tragic Beauty



Good Riddance to 2017 and Hello to 2018

What a year 2017 has been, The world seemed to go a little crazy this year, but I have a feeling 2018 is going to be magical. I personally have a lot to look forward to this coming year, however 2017 isn’t passing without leaving a couple great things behind.

2018 happ new year

One thing wonderful that happened was the end of my reading funk. Ever since I started writing the Sweet Treats books, I found it very difficult to get into a book and that went on for almost two years. Then I found K. Webster’s Dirty Ugly Toy and that broke the spell. Since then I have read some incredible books and found some amazing authors.

Top 5 reads of 2017: 

1. Whispers and the Roars by K. Webster

2. The Complicated Hearts Duet by Ashley Jade

3. Inferno by Yolanda Olson

4. Pretty Little Dolls series by Ker Dukey and K. Webster

5. Touched by Death by T. L. Martin

top 5 2017

Coming in 2018:

The Sweet Treats Trilogy is my main focus of 2018. That series consists of Candy Coated Chaos coming in February, Sweetened Suffering coming in April, and Cupcakes and Crooked Spoons coming in June. I do have another title that I am working on, but I can’t guarantee I’ll have it out by the end of the year. I like to give each story and it’s characters my undivided attention until the final completion, so at the moment, I only work on one story at a time.
Toward the middle of the year I will be doing a “Beta Search”. Meaning, I will be looking for people that would like to be involved in the beta process of my upcoming books. So keep an eye out for that if that sounds like something you’d be interested in.
There are definitely more things in the works, but I don’t want to speak to soon, i just know I am so excited for this year.
I hope you all have a fun and safe New Year!

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-Charity B. 

“Inferno” By: Yolanda Olson – Book Review

Whoa… I’m not really sure how to review this book. I went into it blind and I really think that’s probably the best way to do it, but I will give a few of my thoughts while trying to keep the main plot out, so this will be short.

Inferno cover.jpg

What drew me to this was of course, the cover. I instantly wanted it on my shelf. I also really liked the formatting and the writing was so great. The description is fairly vague, but I will say heed the forward which really serves more as a warning and should be taken seriously.

I agreed to be this empty marionette to do his will and now, after all this time, I find myself rejecting the idea, even though it’s too damn late.

I really loved Jocelyn. The book is told primarily from her point of view, except the last chapter. I really felt for this girl and I understood her thoughts and fears. My heart broke for her. It’s rare that I enjoy a female lead as much as I did her.
Pater on the other hand, is among the worst villains that I have read, if not the worst. He was such a sick character and his actions turned my stomach on multiple occasions (which is rarely something that happens). I don’t mind my book boyfriends being a little psycho, but Pater is not book boyfriend material.

“My God. If you only knew how beautiful you are when you just stand there with your mouth shut.”

Truthfully, I like books that are so messed up that you’re left reeling and this book did that for sure. I almost got to the point that I had to put it down for a bit just because it got a little intense to read and definitely tested me. I always thought I didn’t have any hard limits, but there was one specific part toward the end that almost got there for me.

Monstrous acts beget monsters, and we’ll both get what we deserve in the end, but not all of us. I won’t allow it.

It’s a pretty quick read and I flew through this thing. Dark just doesn’t really seem to cover it. I absolutely adored this book for pushing me to my limits and making me feel a little gritty. There is sexual content that is detailed, but it’s not meant to be sexy or hot. I’m still recovering from this read. Yolanda Olson is officially a fave author of mine and I will read anything she writes so be prepared for more reviews on her books in the near future.

In a way, I feel like I’m clawing my way out of hell, and to be quite honest, maybe I am. The darkness no longer wants me because I’m no longer pure of heart.

Picture_teaser _ inferno

Genre: Horror

 Stars: 5

Sexual Content: 3- Explicit

Book Link: Inferno on Amazon

Red Hot Christmas By: K. Larsen & Mara White/The Bloodlines Series By: K. Larsen – Double Release Blitz

Red Hot Christmas

Looking for a quick read to get you in the Holiday spirit? Look no further, Red Hot Christmas is LIVE​ for preorder ❤ ​

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Red Hot Christmas 1.jpg


Amber and Frankie both work in the Empire State Building. She’s a tightly wound, high-powered executive and he’s a janitor in the maintenance department. Amber is busy planning the Christmas party for her firm, while Frankie’s muscles are quickly earning him Internet stardom.

On Christmas Eve, the temperature skyrockets, leading Amber to investigate the problem. Restricted access elevators leave her locked in the basement with nothing but a bottle of Fireball and a plastic cup full of red hots. Will Amber be destined to spend the night alone or will a sexy janitor be in for one hot Christmas surprise?

Red Hot Christmas 2.PNG

Bloodlines Series

Bloodlines release blitz 1

The Bloodlines Series is now on sale! That’s 4 books! You can now read all the way from beginning to end! Captivating, tense, steamy and sometimes heartbreaking.


Sassy heroines ✔️

Hot romance✔️


Bikers & Assassins & tattoos✔️

The Bloodlines Series has it all and it’s FREE in KU for a LIMITED time!

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bloodlines release blitz 2.jpg

“Complicated Hearts” (Part 2) By: Ashley Jade – Book Review

Ohhhh the things this book did to me… I loved every second of it even when it made me angry. This series could not be more aptly named either. I was a huge fan of book one and I was dead with that cliffhanger, so I was more than excited for this book and it honestly was perfect in every single way for me. I love all the main characters and felt bad for each of them at some point during the story as well as pissed at each of them during the story, and I love when a book can make me feel that way.

Complicated Hearts Book 2 Cover

***Disclaimer: If you have not read part 1, this review may contain spoilers***

The story picks up right where book one leaves off with Breslin ready to apologize and commit to Landon only to find him naked with Asher, who she hasn’t seen since he told her he was gay and he cheated on her with her high school nemesis. Seeing Asher again is tough on her and as much as she wants to deny she still feels for him, she does. She just hates him for what he did to her and she wants him to leave.

I hold up my hand, cutting him off. “Did you ever really care about me?”
His face twists. “Of course, I did. I love you. I have always loved you. It never went away, and it’snever going to. You were the one that walked away from us, not me.”
I shake my head, because I can’t bear to hear him try to rationalize everything and put his own spin on it when I know the truth. Because I live with the painful reminder every day.
And contrary to what he thinks—I didn’t walk away because I wanted to. I walked away because he ripped us apart with dishonesty and betrayal.
I should have been the first person he went to when he had feelings for anyone other than me. And Kyle should have been the last person he acted those feelings out with.
I raise my chin “I don’t know why you’re here and I don’t care to know. But if you ever really loved me like you claim…you’ll do the right thing and leave Woodside.”
Obviously Asher can’t do that because of the deal to protect his brother, but she doesn’t know about any of that. get little crazy with both Landon and Asher being angry and jealous of the other. When Landon begins to hop between them, he knows something has to change. He doesn’t know what to do. He loves them both and he doesn’t want to hurt either of them. It’s the same with Asher. He loves them both. Breslin though, she can’t get past the pain and anger from what Asher did to her to forgive him. And she doesn’t even know the truth about what went down.
His eyes find mine first. “The other day I had sex with you.”
I blink. This conversation, or rather, this long-winded confession is getting stranger by the second. I thought he invited me here because he made a decision.
Instead he’s spinning me round and round in circles.
He turns to Asher next. “And then I had sex with you.”
I blink again, rapidly this time…and then an inferno slides up my esophagus as I take in his words. Asher’s eyes turn hard and he grips his knee, appearing to be just as angry as I am. “Is there a point to this shit, Landon?”
The low rumble in his voice reverberates through me and I hate it.
Landon’s gaze turns inward. “Yeah. My point is that I don’t want to keep having sex with the both of you unless you’re aware of it.”


This book was perfect for me. I loved the main story and I’ve enjoyed the way Ashley Jade writes through this series. I love that the motives and thoughts of the characters felt real to me. People aren’t perfect, so I prefer the characters in the books I read not be either. It was fast paced and even had some dark themes. Not to mention, the covers on these books are beautiful. I am not a huge fan of spin off series, but I am beyond pumped for Complicated Parts.
“When I left for Europe it was only halfway done but now–” She visibly gulps and I’d give all the pennies in the world for her thoughts right now…because the look on her face tells me she not only heard but understood every lyric of the song I wrote about her and Asher.
“What’s it called?” Her voice is barely above a whisper.
“Complicated Hearts.”
Complicated hearts 2 teaser
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Stars: 5
Heat Level: 3-Explicit

Candy Coated Chaos: Cover/Excerpt Reveal

I have been dreaming about this cover for so long and it’s more than I ever imagined. I am so excited to share it with you and I hope you adore it as much as I do. 
Title: Candy Coated Chaos (Sweet Treats #1)
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: 2/15/18
Cover Design: Murphy Rae

CCC front cover




Being with Tavin is like eating those candies that start out sweet and then turn so sour, your eyes water. When she’s happy, her radiance is stunning, but her glow is dimmed by her dark secrets. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her, sucking on that lollipop, that there was something unique about her. I was right in more ways than one, and while I don’t know the extent of suffering that her life entails, I’ll do whatever I need to, to convince her she can trust me. I just need to hang on to her long enough to do that.

When he wraps his arms around me, and his warmth makes me feel safe, it’s easy to pretend that this is real. I knew going out with him was a bad idea, I just never imagined it would go this far. It was only supposed to be one night. One night to feel like a normal girl. I didn’t plan for this and now, every day that passes puts us deeper in danger. All I can do is make the most of every moment with him, so when the time comes for this to end, then at least we’ll be left with beautiful memories.
***Trigger Warning: This novel contains drug use, explicit sexual content, violence, and sensitive subject matter which may be triggering to some readers.
selfmade ccc teaser

Excerpt: 1

                “What do you say we hit another bar? There are a ton of them on this street.” I don’t know why I suggest it. All I really want to do is go home and hear that voice moaning my name.
                She smiles and nods. “Let’s go.”
                I hold her hand as we walk down the street and look for a promising bar. Flashing lights in my peripheral make me turn, and I see a street carnival. When I look down at her, she’s gawking. Her eyes are all lit up and it’s painfully obvious that she is dying to go.
                “What do you say we go check that out?” I offer.
                For the first time she smiles a genuine, full on smile. She clasps her hands together and I swear her eyes get bigger.
                Her comical enthusiasm forces me to chuckle. “Of course.”
                After nearly getting my arm yanked from its socket, she pulls me to the ticket counter while her eyes scan feverishly.
                I gesture to our many choices. “Where to?”
                Even as I ask, I know she has no idea. You would think she’s never seen a carnival in her life. She’s about to burst. As she starts to head in one direction, something else will catch her eye, changing her trajectory.
                “I- uh. Well, um…”
                I take her hand to lace my fingers between hers. “We’ll get to all of it, I promise. How about we start with the tilt-a-whirl?” I point next to the fresh squeezed lemonade stand. “That was always my favorite as a kid.”
                She has the sweetest little dimple on her right cheek that appears with her grin and she nods. I don’t know her well enough to tease her when she walks past the ‘You must be this tall to ride this ride’ sign, but I chuckle at the fact she is passable by less than two inches.
                She picks the pink cart and we climb inside. Bouncing with anticipation, she grips my hand while the technician locks the bar. Once the ride begins to really get going, our cart makes its first fast spin and she throws her head back and laughs. It is such a pretty sound, a true laugh filled with abandon. She giggles the entire time, squealing at every spin. Her excitement is contagious and after it’s over, I run right along with her, hand in hand to the big slide.
                We race down a few times, although the word ‘race’ is a bit of a stretch. She is too light and can’t gain enough speed. She wants to beat me so bad, it’s just never going to happen.
                “Will you ride with me?” I think she’s talking to me, until I see she is looking up at the idiot in line with her. My initial reaction is to get pissed and immediately I chastise myself because that’s absolutely ridiculous. She grins at me. “I want to win.”
                 Well of course I can’t deny her that, even if the asshole she asks is a bit too happy to oblige.
                  Once she finally gets her wish, I take her to the carousel. She’s been staring at it since we got here.
                We choose a decorative carriage seat, slowly moving up and down next to intricately carved horses as the ride circles. I look down and her thighs are so sexy, barely parted, with the hems of her stockings peeking over her knees. “It’s been so long since I’ve been to one of these places,” I tell her as I take the initiative and place my hand on her thigh. She doesn’t flinch or acknowledge that I’m touching her at all.
                “I’ve never been.” Her eyes are still absorbing the scene around us, apparently for the first time.
                “Never?” She shakes her head and I move my hand a little higher. “So how do you know Eric?”
                Her face pales before she blinks a few times and chews on her lip. “Oh… um, he’s just… an acquaintance.”
                Another blanket response. I don’t want to push the subject because tonight is going so well, incredible, actually. Nevertheless, at some point I’m going to need to find out what she’s doing with him in my building.
                I tuck a curled piece of hair behind her ear to see her stunning profile. The ride begins to slow so I change the subject.
                “Do you like cotton candy?”
                 She snaps her head up to look at me as her entire face brightens. “Cotton candy? I’ve never tried it.”
                What a deprived life to have never had cotton candy. “Do you want to?”
                Not that I need to ask, she clearly does.
                “Very much.”
                We watch as the carnie turns the sugary strings into a fluffy pink ball. When it’s finished, he hands it to her and she tilts her head as she pokes at it.
                “Take a bite,” I urge her.
                She pulls off a piece and the moment the flavor hits her tongue, her face is hilarious. Her eyes go wide and she rips away another large piece and shoves it into her open mouth. I laugh at her enthusiasm as I order a lemonade from the carnie. When I turn around to offer her a drink, the paper handle is bare and she is licking the cotton candy remnants off her fingers.
                Good thing I didn’t want any.
OFFICIAL Candy Coated Chaos Cover
**Full Wrap**

Excerpt: 2

                He hovers over me, his blond hair soft beneath my fingers as I brush it away from his face. His strong and gorgeous face. I touch his cheeks so softly I wonder if he feels it.
                “Can’t we just enjoy this? The right now? I don’t want to think about anything past tonight.”
                His eyebrows narrow as his jaw ticks and it’s like he thinks if he looks into my eyes deep enough, he’ll get the answers he thinks he wants.
                “That’s what I’m talking about. Whenever you say stuff like that it feels like every moment with you could be my last. You have this way about you, as if you see something the rest of the world can’t. Sometimes you feel almost… magical.” He presses his forehead against mine and laces our fingers together before pulling our hands above our heads. “Please don’t disappear,” he whispers against my lips.


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Author Bio:

Charity B. lives in Salem Oregon with her husband and ornery little boy. Candy Coated Chaos is her debut novel and has more titles preparing for release in 2018. She has always loved to read and write, but began her love affair with dark romance when she read C.J. Robert’s The Dark Duet. She has a passion for the disturbing and sexy and wants nothing more than to give her readers the ultimate book hangover. In her spare time when she’s not chasing her son, she enjoys reading, the occasional TV show binge, and is deeply inspired by music.

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